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Welcome to Austin! Austinites pride themselves on being weird. Often, the way we talk reflects it. Here is a rundown on some of the locations you should know, and a handy pronunciation guide so you can say them “different”, just like us! As fast as this city is changing, stay tuned for more updates on Austin’s trendy hangouts and up-and-coming districts.

Burnet “BURN-it”

Something that clearly identifies a non-Austinite is pronouncing Burnet in any way that emphasizes the “e” in the name of this major thoroughfare. Instead, around here, we pronounce it like “BURN-It.”

Guadalupe or “GUAD-a-loop”

Many people moving to Austin for the first time are students coming to the University of Texas at Austin. As a result, they will spend a great deal of time on Guadalupe, the street running along the west side of campus and beyond.  However, most Austinites drop the last “e” entirely from the name, creating from this originally Spanish term a uniquely Austin piece of lingo. So remember, when referring to Guadalupe, it is accepted (if not expected) to say “GUAD-a-loop.”  You may also hear it called “The Drag.”

Koenig, Manor & Mueller

OK, pronouncing these three streets may throw you for a loop. Koenig is pronounced “KAY-nig” by Austinites, Manor is “MAY-ner”, and Mueller is “MILL-er.” “We know, just go with it.”


Another street name that has transcended its original pronunciation is Manchaca Road. Think the A at the end of this name should be pronounced?  Think again.  Manchaca is pronounced by Austinites as “MAN-Shack.”


The Mopac Expressway is usually identified on street signs and road maps as Loop 1. It is always spoken of (fondly) as “MO-pac,” so named for the Missouri Pacific Railroad. When traveling up and down MOPAC you’ll see that the rail is still used daily.


 Heard of Soho? Meet SoCo. The South Congress district is a thriving community of restaurants, shops, and food trailers. Just don’t look confused if someone refers to the street as SoCo instead; this is increasingly becoming the normal Austin slang for the district. It’s starting to spread out to SoLa (South Lamar) and SoFi (South First).

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