Why You Should Use A Texas Residential Leasing Specialist

If you’re considering moving to the Austin area, and you’ve been searching for housing, you’re probably realizing it can be a bit frustrating.

Researching the endless Austin rental listings, calling on apartments or leasing agents, and scheduling appointments and, of course, takes time out of your busy schedule. The good news is, there’s a resource available to you that will save you time and the frustration when conducting your search.

To help prove our point, here’s a several reasons why working with a Texas Residential Leasing Specialist will make your life much easier.

Your Are Well Represented 

First and foremost, our team members are Texas Residential Leasing Specialist a industry designation earned from the Texas Realtors Association. Working with experienced Texas Residential Leasing Specialist can provide the leverage you need to negotiate better terms, answer your questions regarding the leasing process and rental agreement, and be your advocate from start to finish, thanks to the specialized training your agent has received by the Texas Realtors.

We’re Local Specialists

Austin and it’s surrounding suburbs is a pretty big area and unless you’re super familiar with all the ins and outs of these areas, including price points, schools, etc., it can be overwhelming to try and figure out which areas would suit your needs and lifestyle. This is especially true if you’re relocating from another geographic area. Because Austin-area leasing specialist also live and work in the area, they know everything there is to know, or have the resources to quickly answer your questions. This removes the guesswork from the process.

We Have the Inside Scoop

Because Texas Residential Leasing Specialists work exclusively in the rental industry, and have access to available inventory, they are in the know about where to find the best apartments and homes for rent in the Austin market, as well as where, when and how to get the best deals.

Receive First Access to New Properties

In addition to being on the “in” when it comes to things like locations, amenities and rental rates, leasing specialists are also usually the first to know about properties that have just become available. This gives the customer exclusive access before anyone else even has the chance. Your leasing specialist can set you up to receive listings as soon as they hit the market.

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It’s Less Upfront Hassle for You

One of the nicest things about working with a leasing specialist at Urban to Suburban Realty is that all the upfront legwork is done for you. Once the REALTOR® has an understanding of what you’re looking for, they handle the research upfront and help you narrow down the choices to a select from, making the entire process faster and much easier. They’ll also review some of the leasing requirements, i.e. credit scores, deposits, pet rules, etc. so you’ll know what to expect regarding the leasing process.

A Better Use of Your Time

Once the initial work of narrowing down your available selections has been tackled, the next step involves actually viewing the properties. Completing this step on your own can be a huge waste of valuable time, particularly for those whose schedules are already jam-packed. This is especially true if you’re relocating to the area. Having boots on the ground that represent your best interest is very important. The REALTOR® will handle the time-consuming task of scheduling showings, previewing properties, and providing updates, so you can focus on all the other important things you’ve got going on in your life.

A Valuable Industry Resource

Do you know what the fair market value in certain neighborhoods in or around Austin? Probably not, and if you don’t, you could end up paying too much. Your specialist will have the tools available to make sure you’re paying a fair price fo rate property you’re wanting to lease.

Find What You’re Looking For

Digging through pages and pages of available apartments can make it difficult, if not impossible, to find properties that meet all of your needs and preferences. By filling out a detailed questionnaire, you can specify things like price range and number of bedrooms as well as which amenities are most important to you and also provide insight into your specific lifestyle. Then, the locator will get to work finding those apartments that most closely match what you’re looking for.

Help You Develop a ‘Moving Plan’

If you’re relocating to the Austin area, your to-do list is probably growing by the minute. By working with an Urban to Suburban team member, you’ll have the support you need to develop a moving plan so nothing slips through the cracks. For instance, this website is packed with lots of information and resources to help point you in the right direction in terms of logistics, like moving companies and other recommended vendors with whom to work.

Have Peace of Mind

Picking an apartment or home without knowing much about it can be nerve wracking – especially if you have to commit to a lease. Likewise, for those who are relocating from another geographical area, it can be downright unnerving not knowing what you’re getting yourself into. Having professional apartment finders in the Austin area working on your behalf, on the other hand, can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll end up right where you belong.

So Let’s Get Started Today

The process of moving to a new place is hectic enough without the added worry of having to research, screen, compare and choose the right apartment or home. Working with a leasing professional can remove the stress and aggravation and make the entire process a smoother, more positive experience.

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